Vancouver, Canada (August 23, 2021) – Trickfilm Entertainment Inc. (Trickfilm, or the Company) is on a mission to democratize the production, distribution, and monetization of animated entertainment around the world. Through an equity investment and partnership with Xentrix Studios, Trickfilm takes a major step in the development of its real-time animation distribution platform.

“This investment, in addition to the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) contribution we received from the National Research Council of Canada earlier this year, propels us to realize the vision. We’re on our way!” says Jeremy McCarron, founder and CEO of Trickfilm. “The partnership with Xentrix extends beyond the capital investment, as well. With their original property development and production services teams around the world, Xentrix may support Trickfilm creators building content for the platform.”

A veteran of the creative arts industry in Vancouver, McCarron has a wealth of experience in animation and video game production, software development, and higher education. With nearly 40 production credits at world class organizations such as Mainframe Entertainment and Electronic Arts, and strategic roles with the Art Institute and Autodesk, McCarron brings with him a broad and unique understanding of the drivers of success in all aspects of this business.

“We believe that Trickfilm’s platform is the future of broadcasting and monetization for this medium,” adds Xentrix Chairman Nandish Domlur “and this investment reinforces our strategy to create, produce, and distribute animated content worldwide.”

“Trickfilm’s vision, combined with Jeremy’s extensive experience in animation and video game production and business development in this market, makes this a very attractive investment for Xentrix” Domlur continues. “In concert with the success we’re enjoying in India, the Philippines, and Australia, Xentrix will enter the Canadian market with a studio in Vancouver to support original content creation and, ultimately, drive content creators to the Trickfilm platform.”

“We’re very excited to begin working with Nandish and all of the great people at Xentrix” adds McCarron. “This announcement serves as a call, as well, to all the innovators in the animation production space. If you are interested in developing, distributing, and monetizing your intellectual properties in a much more creator friendly fashion, then we should talk. Come and create the future with us!”

About Trickfilm
Trickfilm is a platform on which animation intellectual property owners can effectively monetize their content by engaging with and selling directly to their audiences. Trickfilm’s platform utilizes real-time rendering engines, cloud services, and blockchain technology to connect animation producers directly with their audiences in a way that has not been possible until now. It’s Saturday Morning Cartoons as a Service! Visit to learn more.

About Xentrix
Xentrix is a leading CG animation studio with a strong body of work in both TV and branded 4d/5d theme parks. The highly experienced core team has delivered hundreds of hours of television, DVD, and game animation over the past decade. Our work has been seen on all major animation channels and we have built a stellar reputation of production management and delivery. We have clients in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia, and work the gamut from preschool to action-adventure. Visit to learn more.

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